Emus ~

Emus are the second tallest birds on the planet after ostrich, growing to approximately 5’ in height. Emus are a common species observed in savannas and forests of Australia. Like ostrich, emu are flightless and can run rapidly. Males are typically smaller than females with females having larger hind ends than males. Emus feed upon a wide variety of plants, seeds, and insects.

Female emus produce a clutch of 5-15 dark green eggs that are greater in mass than 1 pound. Upon laying the eggs, the male will sit on them and incubate them non-stop for 8 weeks until they hatch, losing approximately 1/3 of his body weight.

We care for a pair of emus at the zoo that are fed ostrich pellets and oyster shell. They enjoy pools, water misters, and sand for bathing.

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