Miniature Donkeys ~

Miniature donkeys are a small breed of domesticated donkey that typically reach a maximum of 36 inches in height at the shoulder. Almost all mini donkeys have a black or brown cross of fur that extends from their neck to the lower back. Miniature donkeys in the U.S. originate from a shipment of small donkeys that came from the Mediterranean region in 1929. They are routinely cared for as pets or companion animals as opposed to being cared for as beasts of burden due to their reduced ability to handle large loads.

We take care of two miniature donkey jennies at the zoo, Lady and LJ. We feed them hay and for enrichment, they enjoy rolling in sidewalk chalk, rubbing against brushes, jolly balls, and going on walks with the keepers.

If you’d like to meet the miniature donkeys and learn more about the farm animals at the zoo, you can schedule a Family Farmyard Fun encounter!

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