Red River Hogs ~

Red river hogs get their name from their red coat and their common behavior of wallowing in waterways. Despite weighing between 100-285 pounds, red river hogs are the smallest of the African pig species. Males are significantly larger than females, and possess warts on their snouts to protect themselves from the tusks of other male hogs during fights for dominance. They mark their territory through scent and tusk scraping. Their large snout is well-equipped for burrowing for food. Red river hogs spend most of their day foraging for roots, insects, and fruits, but they will also eat reptiles, carrion, and even small mammals. Red river hogs are social animals, living in groups as large as 12 to 20.

The Good Zoo is home to red river hogs Poe and Raven. You can often find them using their snouts to dig for food, and leaving muddy nose prints on the window. For fun, they love to shred bags, boxes, and other cardboard items, especially if there is food hidden inside. At the zoo, the red river hogs are given a diet of specialized herbivore biscuits, bovine chow, fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, and peanuts.

You can meet our red river hogs by scheduling an animal encounter!

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