Snow Leopard ~

Snow leopards are found in the steep, rocky mountains of central Asia. These spotted cats have thick insulated fur that range from shades of gray or creamy yellow and covered with gray-black spots. Their feet are wide and act as natural snowshoes. Their powerful legs give them the ability to leap as far as 50 feet, which is up to six times the length of their body! And snow leopards can take on prey up to three times their own weight! Their long tails are used for balance as well as a blanket to protect sensitive areas of their bodies against cold mountain air. Snow leopards are shy, solitary animals. Unlike other big cats, snow leopards do not have the capability to roar.

Here at the Good Zoo we care for two snow leopards: Coconut, a male and Zara, a female. We feed them special carnivore meat and cat chow. In the wild, snow leopards eat sheep, ibex, marmots, pikas, hares, and livestock. While in their zoo habitat, our snow leopards love to lounge in their hammock made out of fire hose. 

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