Pet Policy ~

Welcome to Oglebay!

We want to provide you a wonderful and enjoyable stay, but also a safe one. For the comfort and safety of all guests and pets, we kindly request that all pet owners act responsibly with their pets. Please read, adhere, and agree to the following resort pet policies.

  1. There is a $50.00 pet fee, excluding an ADA-compliant service dog, per stay which will appear as a separate charge on your room receipt.
  2. Your pet(s) should have all the recommended vaccinations currently up-to-date, and you agree to obtain and provide current records from a licensed veterinarian regarding your pet(s) should Oglebay request this information.
  3. Pets must be leashed or always restrained in public spaces, including the outdoor grounds of Wilson Lodge and property.
  4. Pets must be supervised at all times while in Wilson Lodge or on property. The front desk can provide a list of local pet sitting services which can also be arranged for you through the front desk. Since this service or any pet service engaged by you is not directly provided by Oglebay, we will not be held responsible.
  5. Guests should display the Oglebay “Do Not Disturb” pet sign to alert staff that a pet is in a residence.
  6. Pets are not permitted in some resort outlets including but not limited to spa, zoo, retail outlets, dining facilities, and museums.
  7. Guests are responsible for pet waste clean-up inside Wilson Lodge and throughout property grounds.
  8. Guests are responsible for all personal injury and/or property damage related to their pets.
  9. Pets are not allowed in rooms other than that which they are registered.
  10. Guests fully accept responsibility for any and all damages caused by the pet(s). Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Oglebay, its operators and owners and their respective affiliates from all liability and/or damage suffered as a result of their pet(s).
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