Massage & Healing Therapy ~

Melt into deep relaxation

Sticks and Stones

This service is completely customized to your individual needs. Our talented massage therapists begin this treatment by warming the muscle tissues with our warm Pink Himalayan Salt Stones, in preparation of more detailed deep tissue work with warmed bamboo sticks. With this heated therapy, this massage encourages improved range of motion and ultimately connects you with a feeling of sincere well-being. 

80 Minutes 

  • Monday – Thursday $240
  • Friday – Sunday $250

Warm Stone

This ancient art of healing uses warm Pink Himalayan Salt Stones to bring relief to tense muscles and sore joints. By slowly massaging with heat and smooth stones, your therapist is able to balance your energy with this melting effect. 

80 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $190
  • Friday – Sunday $210

The West Spa Experience

Melt into deep relaxation with our unforgettable, exclusive massage which offers a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, a sampling of Pink Himalayan Salt Stones, and a variety of techniques such as stretching and range of motion. 

50 Minutes/80 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $150 | $210
  • Friday – Sunday $160 | $220

Deep Tissue

This intense massage is recommended for physically active individuals with chronic pain and muscle fatigue. Deep pressure is used to restore structural alignment and balance by releasing chronic tension, while elongating the muscles. 

50 Minutes/80 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $130 | $190
  • Friday – Sunday $140 | $200

Simply Swedish

Working with the body’s soft tissue, this classic light touch massage is meant for the purpose of reducing stress, increasing circulation, and encouraging relaxation. 

50 Minutes/80 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $120 | $185
  • Friday – Sunday $130 | $195

Blissful Balance Massage

Melt away anxiety while enhancing sleep and boosting your immune system. This massage was designed to ground and center you with our Zents ANTARA oil, a spa-grade CBD oil, while pink Himalayan salt stones relax and balance your body. Learn More at

50 Minutes/80 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $160 | $220
  • Friday – Sunday $170 | $230

Duo Design

Whether with a loved one or best friend, enjoy a 50 minute or 80 minute massage side by side in our couple’s room. Both you and your partner will ease away the tension and stress of the day together, while still receiving the individual attention that your body needs. Choose from our West Spa Experience, Deep Tissue, or Simply Swedish massage.

50 Minutes/80 Minutes

  • Please call for pricing and availability

MaMa Mia

This prenatal massage involves a therapeutic technique designed specifically for the childbearing year. It is safe and effective for relieving the discomforts of pregnancy and promoting maternal and fetal well-being. This massage will utilize a Pure Massage Oil to give your skin ultimate hydration. This prenatal massage is only done in the second or third trimester. 

50 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $120
  • Friday – Sunday $130

Express Relief

Pressed for time? Have a specific problem area? During this zone massage, your therapist will focus on one section of the body, with your choice of: upper body, lower body, front half, or back half. Must be at least 15 years of age with parental consent.

25 Minutes

  • Monday – Thursday $80
  • Friday – Sunday $90

Massage Enhancements

Experience ultimate relaxation by adding one or more of the following enhancement options to your service.

  • Warm Stone Upgrade $20
    • Melt away tension with a warm stone upgrade.
  • Antara Quench $40
    • Experience relaxation and balance with this spa-grade CBD oil.
  • Shea Butter Quench Upgrade $20
    • Incorporate this ultra-hydrating blend of organic shea butter and your own personalized Zents aroma into your massage.

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