Trace Chophouse ~


Inspired by our pioneer history, Trace Chophouse pays tribute to our location on the National Road and the mile marker-lined path that charted the trailblazers (or, “tracers”) journey west.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed into a ruggedly lavish dining room adorned with glowing fireplaces, etched stones, and artisan leather elements. A highlight of the space is the historic hearth, crafted from logs of the Zane family’s late 18th century home. These logs were gifted to Oglebay, serving as a tangible tribute to Trace’s dedication to celebrating our local history and Wheeling’s founding family.

Settle in as our in-house experts lead you on a journey of Old World and New World wines, bespoke spirits, and smoked cocktails. Savor premium steaks, delighting in imported cuts and house-aged specialties. From high quality seafood to inspired game and homegrown greens, you’ll uncover something decadent as you immerse yourself in our rich heritage.

For those who know the codeword, a hidden door will reveal a modern twist on a secret throwback experience featuring curious mixology techniques.

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