Oglebay Urban Deer Hunt ~

November 6, 7 & 8, 2023
From 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset

Hunter Requirements:

  • Provide copy of valid driver’s license (18 years old minimum)
  • Provide copy of valid WV hunting license
  • Possess a clean record with WV Division of Natural Resources
  • Pass a background check – background check shall be subject to the WV Division of Natural Resources
  • Archers must complete all parts of the application
Urban Archery Deer Hunt Application

How to Participate:

A limited number of archers will be selected through a lottery system to participate in the three (3) days of culling and will be assigned specific locations by the Director of Park Operations.

While it is highly suggested that an archer have the National Bowhunter Safety Certification through the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, it is not a requirement for this hunt.


  • The hunt is for deer.
  • Only legal bows and arrows may be used.
  • No hunting is permitted within 300 feet of a dwelling.
  • Geo Maps of the hunt location will be provided.
  • Hunters shall only park in the designated parking areas.
  • Hunters shall treat everyone they meet with courtesy and respect.
  • Hunters shall not litter.
  • Hunters will abide by all West Virginia hunting rules and regulations.
  • In accordance with the WV Hunting and Trapping Regulations – Bag limit three (3):
    • One either sex deer may be taken on a valid base licenses or license combination
    • Two deer (one must be antlerless) may be taken on a Class RB or RRB stamp (one deer per stamp)
    • Stamps MUST be purchased by September 30, 2023
  • Locations for the hunt will include, but are not limited to:
    • Serpentine Trail
    • Jones Golf Course – Back 9
    • Jones Golf Course – Front 9
    • Jones Farm
    • Hardwood Trail A
    • Hardwood Trail B
    • Thoreau Trail
    • Roosevelt Trail
    • Palmer Golf Course
  • All hunters, prior to receiving confirmation of being selected to participate in the hunt, must agree to hold harmless the Wheeling Park Commission (WPC), WPC employees and officials from all claims for personal injury, death, or property damage arising as a result of the hunter participating in the hunt.
  • No person, without first receiving written permission from the Director of Park Operations or his designee, may accompany a hunter while he or she is participating in the hunt.
  • Permits/licenses must always be on a hunter while hunting.
  • Stalking deer on the grounds is prohibited. This includes walking to and from designated hunting sites.
  • Portable ladder or climbing stands are required for all hunters except those who are physically disabled and have been issued a valid Class Y hunting licenses by the State of West Virginia or for sites where a ground blind has been approved.
  • Those hunting from elevated tree stands must use a full-body safety harness while in the tree.
  • The hunter’s name and sequential numbers must be on all arrows used while hunting, i.e. J.Miller #1, J.Miller #2, J.Miller #3
  • Shots of 25 yards or more shall not be taken.
  • If a wounded deer leaves the boundary of the designated hunting area, the hunter shall not pursue the deer onto another’s property without first obtaining the permission of the owner of the property the hunter wishes to enter. The hunter shall not fire his/her bow once he/she leaves the designated hunting area assigned to him or her. If the wounded deer is located, while alive, on another’s property, the hunter must contact the Ohio County Sheriff at 304-234-3680. The hunter shall identify himself/herself as a participant in the Oglebay Urban Deer Culling, and request assistance form the police department in retrieving the deer.
  • If a property owner does not give the hunter permission to enter this or her property to search for a wounded deer, the hunter shall inform the property owner that he or she can call 304-234-3680 to have the deer removed from his or her property.
  • A carcass is be removed in its entirety or have entrails placed in plastic bags removed from the property, and properly discarded. (The hunter will provide his/her own bags for this purpose).
  • All deer must be checked-in and registered by completing the following two-step process:
    1. Using West Virginia DNR’s electronic check-in system by either calling 1-844-WVCheck or by logging into your account at https://wvhunt.com/.
    2. Once the deer is checked-in, hunters must report their harvest(s). This is mandatory for internal record keeping.
  • Hunters shall be required to comply with the general statutory laws of the State of West Virginia, and the rules and regulations of the West Virginia DNR.