Central Chinese Goral ~

Central Chinese gorals are a mountain goat species native to the Himalayan Mountain range in Russia and China as well as the mountains of North and South Korea. They prefer areas near cliffs with crevices for hiding from predators. Herds of goral reach up to 12 individuals, with the herd being composed of multiple females and their kids. Male gorals are typically solitary outside of breeding season. Gorals primarily browse on leaves and will also consume grasses, fruits, and nuts in the wild.

This species is considered to be vulnerable in the wild due to habitat loss for agriculture and poaching for fur, meat, and traditional medicine. The Good Zoo participates in the Central Chinese goral breeding consortium with other Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited institutions to ensure a sustainable population of this rare species in human care.

Here at the zoo, we take care of a young male, Mahjong, and female, Laverne. They are fed a special high fiber zoo herbivore pellet and hay. Mahjong’s favorite enrichment is climbing on top of new stones or logs, papier mache animals with fruit or leaf-eater biscuits stuffed inside, and brushes for rubbing against. Laverne enjoys hanging out in the barn. They both enjoy fresh browse such as grape, sweet gum, sugar maple, and yellow poplar leaves.

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