Today, Tomorrow, Oglebay ~

Sustainability TODAY, makes a world of difference TOMORROW.

At Oglebay, we have a responsibility to the local community and the 2,000 acres we call home to clean up, maintain, and improve our natural resources. We encourage our guests to join our efforts and help take part in sustaining our valuable resources that will ensure future generations have something to enjoy for years to come.

  • Associates & Community photo

    Associates & Community

    • Eminence Kids Foundation– For every Eminence product purchased at The West Spa, the foundation gives an organic, locally sourced meal for sick children around the world. To date, we have provided over 25,000 meals. 
    • Zents– Funds from all Zents concreta purchases at The West Spa goes back to the families in India who make the product. This product is made from consciously-sourced ingredients and packaged in an artisan-made soapstone. 

  • Natural Resources photo

    Natural Resources

    • EQT Forestry Management Plan
    • Endangered Animal Species Program
    • Raptor Rehabilitation Program
    • State and National Conservation Programs
    • Sustainable seafood sources fed to zoo animals
    • Increasing our natural native areas on the golf course by letting them grow
    • Forests for the Future– Eminence Organic Skin Care line plants trees for every product purchased. To date, we have planted over 6,000 trees.
    • Aquaponics- Farm to table produce via a clean, independent ecosystem
    • Cottage picnic tables and memorial benches made out of recycled materials

  • Carbon & Energy photo

    Carbon & Energy

    • Solar for Sustainable Energy
    • 3rd Party GHG Protocol Aligned carbon footprint assessment for Wilson Lodge with Green Places
    • Conversion to LED lights in all new construction and 85% of existing lighting
    • Motion sensors on low activity light switches
    • Guest room energy management system with occupancy sensors
    • High-efficiency boilers
    • High-efficiency washer and dryers in laundry department

  • Waste photo


    • Addition of 23 water bottle filling stations (In Progress)
    • Cardboard repurposed for Good Zoo animal bedding
    • Initial composting program at Good Zoo
    • Recycling of all fryer grease
    • Replacement of individual in-room amenities with bulk dispensers (In Progress)
    • Installation of high-efficiency shower heads, faucets, and flush valves
    • Addition of 112 recycled trash receptacles (Spring 2023)
    • Addition of 45 guest recycling bins (Spring 2023)