Maned Wolves ~

Maned wolves are the largest canine native to South America. Genetic studies show that they are neither a fox nor a wolf, but their own distinct species. They can be recognized by their thick red coat, long black legs, and tall ears. They can be found in wet or dry grasslands and forests. Maned wolves are typically least active during the daytime. They are omnivores. In the wild, they eat fruits, vegetables, and small mammals. At the Good Zoo, they eat fresh produce, prey items (mice, rats, chicks), and a specialized kibble. 

If you visit our maned wolves at the Good Zoo, you may smell them before you see them! They mark their territory using urine and feces that smells very similar to a skunk’s odor. We care for two siblings, Betts and Luna. You won’t hear maned wolves howl, but they can emit loud barks. 

If you would like to meet and learn more about the maned wolves, you can schedule an animal encounter!

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