2022 Horse Lover’s Camp ~

Hop in the saddle!

This exciting summer camp is designed for riders of all skill levels. Riders will learn about horse safety, grooming, how to trot independently, and more. Our camps are from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Riders must be at least seven years of age and weigh less than 200 pounds. Full details are provided below. Camp sizes are limited! Register early!

Beginner Horse Camp

Appropriate for campers with little or no horse experience. Camps will include instruction on topics of horse safety, grooming, and basic horse care.

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June 6 – 10
July 11 – 15
June 13 – 17
July 18 – 20
June 20 – 24

Intermediate Horse Camp

Campers will have had 6 months of riding lessons and should be able to groom and tack with little assistance and trot independently. Camps will include instruction on safety, horse care, breeds, colors, and bandages.

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July 11 – 15
July 18 – 20
August 1 – 5

Advanced Horse Camp

Campers will be learning to canter and should be able to walk and trot along the rail and during exercises without assistance. Campers should be able to groom and tack independently. Camps will include instruction on safety, equine nutrition, exercising horses, and disciplines. Campers will ride twice daily.

*Please submit a riding video of student’s previous riding lesson for acceptance.

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August 1 – 5

Pricing & Registration

Camps are $250 per week. Registrations will be accepted as long as openings are available. All riders must have a registration, liability release, and emergency medical release completed by a parent/legal guardian. Register online or call 304-243-4042.


What To Bring

  • Long Pants & Boots with Low Heel
    All riders must wear long pants and boots with a low heel. Tennis shoes are acceptable. Open-toed footwear is not permitted
  • ASTM/SEI Certified Helmet (provided)
    All riders are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet. Helmets will be provided. Bicycle helmets are not approved or permitted for horseback riding. 
  • Lunch and Water Bottle
    Please bring a lunch and extra water. Boxed lunches may be ordered for an additional fee
  • Sunscreen, Jacket, Bug Repellent
    Weather permitting, all riding will be outside.


Campers should bring a lunch and an extra drink or water bottle. Boxed lunches may be ordered for an additional fee.

Pick Up & Drop Off

All camps will begin at 9:00 a.m. and drop off will be located at the office of the barn. Weather permitting, campers will swim in the afternoon. Pickup is at 3:00 p.m. at the outdoor pool. Parents must present identification at time of pickup.


Questions? Please call the stables at 304-243-4042.