Animal Welfare ~

Oglebay Good Zoo’s team strives to provide excellent welfare to all of the individuals in our care. Our team takes great efforts to ensure that all of the animals in your zoo are cared for in a manner that meets their physical and behavioral needs. Welfare assessments are performed for every animal in our care regularly to monitor their physical and behavioral health. These assessments are utilized to ensure our commitment to the care of your zoo’s animals along with annual veterinary care plans, plans for environmental enrichment to stimulate activity and natural behaviors, training plans to facilitate veterinary and management procedures that reduce potential stress, and length of life plans for each individual to ensure that appropriate habitat, furnishings, and medications are provided to ensure comfort from birth through geriatric years. In our efforts to ensure that we provide the individuals in our care with choices over their environment, you may need to look for individuals under shade structures in their habitats during warm weather or may have to wait at habitats to observe individuals that may have chosen to go into their indoor climate-controlled habitats during hot or cold weather. We appreciate your understanding of us providing your zoo animals with these opportunities. If you are interested in assisting us with providing the animals with optimal welfare, you can assist by volunteering at the Good Zoo, notifying our team members of any occasions where the animals may not appear to be comfortable during your visit, emailing us at, participating in the zoo’s “Play With The Animals” environmental enrichment programs, or by donating to the zoo’s enrichment and welfare programs. Donation information coming soon.