Environmental Enrichment Opportunities ~

Much like all of us, the animals in our care require enrichment to prevent boredom. Environmental enrichment includes all of the techniques that we use to provide the animals at your zoo with choices in their daily lives that will provide psychological stimulation. To ensure that the animals in our care are stimulated, we may use training techniques, new smells like catnip spray for the serval and cheetah, new furniture like rearrangement of vines for the lemurs, innovative ways to present their food like puzzle feeders for the tamarins and meerkats, play items like sliding boards for the otters, and other activities that they like to enrich their lives. We assess enrichment daily and create plans of proposed enrichment activities to ensure that the animals that we care for are receiving novel forms of stimulation, so enrichment techniques don’t become routine.

If you are interested in assisting us with enriching the animals at your zoo’s lives, you can assist by volunteering at the Good Zoo; participating in the zoo’s “Play With The Animals” environmental enrichment programs, or by donating to the zoo’s enrichment toy box (donation information coming soon). Enrichment items that we typically provide to the animals range in prices from $15 for indestructible puzzle feeders, bulk spices, extracts, and treats and training equipment; $25 for chew or Kong toys, indestructible puzzle feeders, bulk spices, extracts, and treats; $100 for heavy duty plastic play pieces for the cheetah, zebras, otters, kangaroos, and wallabies; and up to $250 or more for climbing structures, play pieces, or swings and nets that stand up to play from the larger animals at your zoo.