Cape Porcupines ~

The cape porcupine is the largest of all porcupine species, and the fourth largest rodent. Like other porcupines, they use their quills as a defense. They cannot project the quills from their body, but they can quickly back into something they perceive as a threat. The barb at the end of the quills will cause them to release from the porcupine’s body and remain stuck in the threat. Porcupines frequently shed their quills too, since they are simply modified hairs. They may also rattle their quills as a warning.

The Good Zoo is home to two porcupines, Darius and Kutarna. Their zoo diet consists of specialized herbivore biscuits, leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. One of their favorite snacks is corn on the cob. For fun, they love to use their large, continuously growing teeth to chew on paper bags, boxes, and other cardboard items.

You can meet the cape porcupines by scheduling an animal encounter!

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