Patagonian Cavies ~

Patagonian cavies are large rodents from Argentina with strong claws, tall ears, and short tails. Although they often walk on all fours, their long legs allow them to hop, gallop, or stot, which is when an animal bounces on all fours. They primarily eat grasses, but will also eat cactuses, fruits, seeds, flowers, and even their own poop, which helps them to maximize nutrient absorption. They live in mated pairs for life, and the male will aggressively protect his female and their offspring from predators and other cavies.

The Good Zoo is home to Patagonian cavies Sheldon and Harriet. Their diet at the zoo consists of rodent chow, herbivore biscuits, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Like other rodents, cavies have teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives, so chewing is important to keep their teeth groomed to the proper length. Our cavies enjoy chewing on dried fruit and bamboo, and using their claws to dig. They are a diurnal species, meaning they are most active early in the day or late in the evening, so you will often spot Harriet and Sheldon resting in the shade.

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