Red Pandas ~

Red pandas are small mammals from temperate forests of the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, China, Myanmar, Bhutan, and India. The red panda is named for its thick red fur. The red panda and giant panda are the only two carnivores that have adapted to consume a primarily herbivorous diet, feeding mostly upon bamboo. The red panda is solitary and territorial in the wild, typically coming together only for breeding.

Red pandas are endangered due to hunting for their fur and loss of habitat for agricultural purposes. The Good Zoo participates in the red panda Species Survival Plan breeding program with other Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited institutions to ensure a sustainable population of this rare species in human care.

We take care of two red pandas at the Good Zoo – male, Junjie, and female, Fia. We feed the pandas a special high fiber zoo leaf-eater biscuits, bamboo, grapes, and apples. Their favorite enrichment includes new resting shelters and hammocks, interacting with keepers, and new climbing and play structures.

If you would like to meet the red pandas and learn more about them, you can schedule an animal encounter!

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