Skyline Kitchen & Bar ~


Welcome to Skyline, Oglebay Lodge’s gastropub family dining experience inspired by nostalgic and regional favorites. Set against the stunning backdrop where the sky meets the horizon, Skyline is the perfect destination for any meal, a casual seat at the bar, or a late-night snack and cocktail.

Skyline’s open display kitchen invites guests to indulge in our expanded breakfast buffet or participate in hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations. Overlooking Schenk Lake, the Ihlenfeld Room celebrates the philanthropic legacy of the Ihlenfeld family and features pop-up surprise menus for all ages. The humble, striking beauty of Oglebay’s surrounding landscape enhances every Skyline dining experience.

Rise to the occasion, rally the troops, and revel in the spectacle of the moment– Skyline celebrates the wonder of it all.

Skyline Menus

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